PLANNING & EVENT VOLUNTEERS: CultureFEST is an opportUNITY to build CommUNITY! You can help CultureFEST’s success by supporting the event in many ways: participation is key! Some perform, others donate their time while some may choose to offset many of the costs with a tax-deductible donation. Perhaps you wish to call friends, share flyers, &/or invite a business to make or match your charitable contribution? CLF and its schools are all 501(c)3 not-for-profits so all proceeds are a 100% tax-deductible & more importantly, represent our investment in Maryland’s future makers & innovators!

Now is your time to SHINE! The potential momentum for this event is in our volunteer base.

In order to make this year’s CultureFest even BIGGER than our previous years, volunteers like you need to feel comfortable stepping up and getting involved in any way they see fit. Again, if you or someone you know is interested in incorporating their ideas or time, fill out the survey so we know how best to incorporate your talents and time. Then, feel free to spread the word about your upcoming CultureFEST event.

GETTING STARTED IN LESS THAN 5 MINUTES: CultureFest is coming and we need you, you, and you! Signing-up to volunteer is now more efficient and faster (5 minutes or less to complete) with our on-line survey. A few perks of volunteering include VIP Access to the event, a special edition CultureFEST T-Shirt, and a chance to contribute to our community! Please, keep in mind that our student & adult team leaders should be involved with the CultureFest committee early on in the process of planning. At the very end of the survey, you will find a section titled “Comments & Concerns,” which provides you with an opportunity to express your thoughts and feedback for CultureFest. Attached, is the link to the survey

Just to name a few things that volunteers can do are event logistics/planning support, food/beverage logistics, carnival games, decorations, fundraising/philanthropy, student performance support, adult volunteer team leaders, game operator(s), auction support, crowd support, reception/host, festival ambassadors, and MORE!

Thinking of a volunteer position, vendor concept, or event idea that is not listed? YES AND! Let us know and we will do our best to support/create the opportunity with you. If it isn’t clear already, our objective is to gather our community and give thanks for our friends and family wherever they may be; this excitement to share our diverse culture has evolved into CultureFEST. We’re celebrating “us” when we gather on the first weekend in November.

When can we start building the fun? The sooner that our volunteers complete the survey, the more time we have to make this dream-filled event reality!

Below, 1-2-3 steps for you and your network to build momentum:

1)       Sign-up to volunteer on the website link. (planning, leading, donating, day-to-event, etc.)

2)      NETWORK to NETWORK. Reach out to local businesses in your network

3)      Share and use this letter, flyers, and/or #CLFCultureFest hashtag, as needed, to engage Local & State supporters for these world-class ed. programs!