CMIT Academy South Elementary is NOW OPEN!

Today, 08/30/2018, the Chesapeake Lighthouse Foundation received the official CERTIFICATE OF OCCUPANCY for our Chesapeake Math & IT Academy South Elementary in Upper Marlboro, MD!

On behalf of all of us at CLF: Mr. Spear Lancaster, our CLF Co-Founder & Hon. President, the CLF Board, Principal Carter, members of her team at CMIT South Elementary, CLF Project Manager, Mr. Derin, & our CLF Executive Team led by CEO, Mr. Hakki Karaman, we would all like to offer well deserved recognition for these teams for all the required planning, preparations, time, and sacrifice that has made our 2nd Elementary & 6th STEAM academy in Maryland a reality!

Whoever first said, “If you build it, they will come” might have been predicting a CLF school. Our schools offered 950 openings to 7,650 applicants during the 2018 public-charter lottery season alone. The positive impact from what we are accomplishing together, on generations of MD families, is truly beyond measure!

This marks the 6th replication/expansion for our non-profit education management company and the 2nd Elementary school in our STEAM fleet of CMIT Academies serving in Prince George’s County, Maryland. We know many new families have been anxiously awaiting this day. As another exciting chapter begins for them and our CLF schools, we would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to the incredible team efforts of our Prince George’s Community!

Many more organizations and individuals helped with this project than we can mention here, but we must send our sincere thanks to Prince George’s County & our immediate Business Neighbors, our friends at the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Department, our Parks & Rec, our District 5 County Councilman Mr. Mel Franklin & District 1 Councilwoman, Mrs. Mary Lehman, as well as our friends at the Prince George’s County Permits Office, our partners at PGCPS BOE and PGCPS, PEPCO, Comcast, talents of AriumAE, and STEMamazing construction work accomplished by Jeff Kasman’s team at KasCon, & of course our sister school community of CMIT South MS/HS, our PTOs & Volunteers, our education business partners, sponsors, and every parent, teacher, and student that is now a FOUNDER of this new program; not mention, YOU, too, for helping to make this new K-5 STEAM academy possible!

We extend our thanks to our Business & Residential Communities across Prince George’s County, as well as to all those not named here that represent those many organizations labor force we rely on to get the jobs done. You all put unity in commUNITY.

Congratulations CMIT South Elementary, CLF, PGCPS, & all our Prince George’s County Communities served by this accomplishment for generations to come! We at CLF & CMIT look forward to serving your children, continuing to provide our students & families a world-class K-12 public STEAM educational experience, and producing Maryland’s future innovators!