Virtual Summer School


The goals of the program will seek to:-

  • Extend learning in mathematics to focus on common/critical areas by grade level
  • Extend learning in reading to focus on Common Core anchor standards K-4
  • Improve technological skills in a collaborative environment
  • Strengthen the professional learning relationships and build our school community through shared experiences.



Weeks/Times 9:15am-1:00pm 9:15-1:00 9:15-1:00 9:15-1:00
WEEK 1 Mon, July 6 Tues, July 7 Wed, July 8 Thur, July 9
WEEK 2 Mon, July 13 Tues, July 14 Wed, July 15 Thur, July 16
WEEK 3 Mon, July 20 Tues, July 21 Wed, July 22 Thur, July 23
WEEK 4 Mon, July 27 Tues, July 28 Wed, July 29 Thur, July 30


  • Over 140 students signed up for the 4 week online synchronous/asynchronous program. 


Summer school expectations: 

To ensure that your child gets the most out of this experience, please do the following:-

  1. Have scholars sign on by 9:15 AM 
  2. Ensure that Chromebooks are fully charged
  3. Students should already have eaten breakfast
  4. Keep a notebook, pencils, crayons for use nearby.
  5. Provide a quiet space
  6. Encourage and support participation each day.
  7. Students should attend daily and participate. 



Teachers, parents and students had a great first week, and look forward to the next three weeks. 

Ms. Watkis & Mr. Metin (Summer School Supervisors).